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rare snail species discoveredΒ  [x]



(transparent) new rare snail species [x]

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Achatina fulica f. white jade, Giant African Land SnailΒ 

Snails and original picture belong to tervaneula.

Ghost SlugΒ (Selenochlamys ysbryda)

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Going to ping a lot of people for some verification. I’m going to link snail blogs and websites on Snailkeeping.co.uk, which will be active within the next two days. So I’d like to know if you are or are not okay with me linking your blogs.

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The blog list section is a mixture of entertainment, actual snail owners and people who can give advice on snails. You all seem like great people and I’m sure plenty of people would like to check out what you post.

If you have a blog I haven’t mentioned, feel free to mention yourself.

that sounds lovely.


Colorful Snail Hairbow by Juneleven on Etsy.


For any of you who don’t know, I’m currently raising money to make a cross-country drive from San Diego, CA to Philadelphia, PA, where I’m hoping to attend school in August. There’s more information on this post and it would mean the world to me if you could reblog it for others to see!